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Arauterm initiated its activities on May 11, 1988, in the city of Cachoeirinha. The first headquarters was temporarily, and precariously, set inside a garage, in a residential neighborhood of the same city. Arauterm's first line of products catered to the home (hot water and heating). Products began to diversify according to market requirements.

Today Arauterm is recognized as a modern company, with products that feature cutting-edge technology and suited to meeting the demands of different markets, both domestic and foreign.


Arauterm's headquarters is fruit of a modern architectural design, with a manufacturing area covering 3,000 m² and an administrative area covering a further 1,000 m².

Rainwater harvested in cisterns is used to test boilers and for fire prevention. This measure represents water savings of approximately 100,000 liters of water/year.

Arauterm boasts cutting-edge machinery in its factory, allowing the entire productive process to occur at the company's facilities.

Among some of the equipment, of special note is a calendar that curves metal sheets of up to 32 mm thick and 3 meters wide.

The entire structure offers a productive capacity of 100 tons/month in new equipment.

Arauterm also features plasma cutting machines that permit rapid, precise and quality cuts, even allowing for chamfer cuts of up to 45°.

This proves that Arauterm has the means to develop high quality products, striving constantly for excellent yield and a reduction in atmospheric emissions.

Our Guidelines

Arauterm's Mission

To develop high performance thermal equipment, respecting ethical and environmental principles.

Arauterm's Values
  • Ethics;
  • Responsibility;
  • Drive;
  • Transparency;
  • Perseverance.
Quality Policy

To offer technical solutions in metallurgical thermal equipment, with quality, safety and assistance, and within the time frame, while continuously improving Arauterm's processes, thereby bolstering the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Arauterm Guidelines
  1. Strategic Guidelines:
    Goal: customer first;
    Objective: full customer satisfaction.
  2. Environmental Respect Policy:
    Understand, promote and raise awareness regarding the impacts and implications of products and services in relation to the environment, while identifying the acceptance standards in accord with local legislation and developing solutions for correct environmental practices and preservation.
  3. Social Commitment:
    To be involved in society by creating or collaborating in mechanisms that contribute to the social evolutions of the population, based on the scale of importance to the community in which the company operates.

Featured Products

Proven quality and efficiency

  • CVS PB

  • CVS JR

    The CVS-JR model equipment manufactured by ARAUTERM Ltda is a saturated steam boiler designed and built in accord with the most advanced...

    50 a 80 kg/h

  • CVS HP

    The modern design employs pressurized combustion (Flow Ebb System) which consists of a flame drawn back into the actual furnace, guaranteeing...

    100 a 8.000 kg/h

  • CVS CL

    The modern and compact layout eliminates the need for refractory material in the heat transfer body, making full use of the heat generated...

    800 a 2.000 kg/h

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